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About Us:

“Big goals get achieved by committing to small changes in habits! Don’t worry about 100 miles… commit to the first mile!”

~ Zac Larson

Solstice Century, Zac Larson, and a Fun Challenge

Solstice Century is hosted by Zac Larson, father of 4, avid cyclist and business owner. Over the past six years, Zac has spoken with many people about his bike riding. During that time, many people have said to him, “Oh, I could never do that.”

An Opportunity

As a result, he decided to provide the opportunity for others to experience the fun and the impact an accomplishment of this significant physical challenge can have. Even more, it gives riders a chance to work together and be part of something much bigger than themselves, which will have an incredible impact on local charities and the countless individuals they serve.

A Way of Life

Zac is a founding Partner at IntentGen Financial. As a sponsor of the event, IntentGen is born of the words intentional and generous, and describes how Zac lives his life—in business with his partners, Corey Schmidt and Jacob Schatz, in life with his family, and socially, with the types of posts he puts on social media such as LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn, he has challenged people to get riding, telling them he will donate to the charity of their choice if they beat his output on Peloton. He has also gotten personal, saying, “I often tell my four boys that I love them and am proud of who they are. I try to emphasize that I’m excited for what they do and accomplish, but I’m also proud of who they are—their character, kindness, grit, generosity, and intentionality.”

Experience the Challenge and Reward

With this new fundraising event, Solstice Century, Zac is giving 100 riders a chance to experience the challenge and exhilaration of participating in a ride that will take you from the beauty of Arranmore Farm, past homes, corn, and soybean fields during an Illinois day that is likely to be hot and humid. Not only will it be hot and humid, but June 21st is the summer solstice, noted as the longest day of the year with the most sunlight for us to accomplish this ride! 

It will push you. It will probably hurt. But, when you are done, it will fill you with a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. And it will feel good, knowing that you’ve helped others who you will never meet.

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